CUJO AI Platform Surpasses 200M Devices Worldwide

CUJO AI Platform Surpasses 200M Devices Worldwide

The company is rapidly deploying Network Security, Device Intelligence, and other solutions for Network Service Providers globally.

CUJO AI, a nextgen artificial intelligence company, takes the global lead in the connected consumer market by securing and enhancing experiences for more than 200M devices worldwide. The company offers cost-saving and revenue-generating AI-based solutions to network service providers and their customers.

“Last year, we decided to exclusively focus on AI solutions for network service providers. Today the CUJO AI platform covers more than 200M smart home devices worldwide. There is a huge need for technology that provides device security, privacy, and personalization for users at home. We are excited to offer the industry’s leading AI solutions and demonstrate its ability to scale on real-world production networks,” said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.

CUJO AI has recently received investment from the US telecommunication giant Charter Communications and Dutch company KPN Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of KPN. The investment has enabled CUJO AI to continue its expansion in the US, APAC, and European markets.

“We are delivering today what most others are pitching as tomorrow’s technology. We will continue to pioneer AI in order to transform connected experiences for users everywhere,” said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.

CUJO AI survey of 2600 sample firewall users revealed that consumer expectations for their connected homes have evolved rapidly. Respondents are mostly concerned about a loss of personal data and contact information (87.3%), unauthorized remote access to their devices (77.5%) and loss of financial data (74.6%). Connected consumers want to control their networks, manage the devices seamlessly, and get personalized recommendations. U.S. consumers have 16-17 smart devices per household on average. Most attacks are directed toward personal devices, such as smartphones (22%) and computers (18.9%).

CUJO AI Network Intelligence solutions not only help Network Operators to protect the connected homes of their customers but also to improve their connected experience. The CUJO AI platform includes personalized broadband through Advanced Device Identification, AI Security, Digital Parenting and Privacy solutions. CUJO AI analyzes vast amounts of local network data and then uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to power the features and protect the end users.

About CUJO AI:
CUJO AI is the leading artificial intelligence company providing network operators AI-driven solutions, including AI security, advanced device identification, advanced parental controls, and more. CUJO AI Platform creates an intuitive end-user facing application for LAN and wireless (mobile and public WiFi), powered by machine learning and real-time data. Each solution can be implemented as a white-label offering. CUJO AI was recently listed as a “Vendor to Watch” and a “Cool Vendor in IoT security” by research company Gartner. CUJO AI employs a staff of 150 professionals. More information about CUJO AI can be found at

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Huawei Chips Unlock New Era of Artificial Intelligence

Huawei Chips Unlock New Era of Artificial Intelligence

New Ascend 310 AI Chip Earns Huawei the Prestigious “World Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement Award” at the Fifth World Internet Conference

Today at the Fifth World Internet Conference (WIC), held today in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, under the theme of “Creating a Digital World for Mutual Trust and Collective Governance – Towards a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace,” Huawei’s Ascend 310 chip stood out among more than 400 technology achievements to win the conference’s World Leading Scientific and Technological Achievement award. This honor recognizes artificial intelligence (AI) system-on-chips (SoC) as having the industry’s strongest compute capabilities for edge computing scenarios, with support from the unified and scalable Da Vinci architecture. This marks the third consecutive year Huawei has received this award and the opportunity to showcase its innovation during the conference. Yan Lida, Director of the Board at Huawei and President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, presented the achievement to the guests at the conference.

Yan Lida said: “Huawei’s new Ascend series of AI chips is the core component of Huawei’s AI solution and provides the key support. Huawei’s AI strategy is to invest in basic research and talent development; build a full-stack, all-scenario AI portfolio; and foster an open global ecosystem. Every year, Huawei invests 10 to 15 percent of our sales revenue in R&D, and this year our R&D investment will exceed CNY100 billion. Ascend 310 is the first chip in the Ascend series, which opens a new era of AI. Our advantage is not only to be able to do AI, but also to achieve synergy between AI and cloud, IoT, video, edge computing, big data and other technologies, to form an open “platform” that supports digital transformation for all industries. AI will be the latest technology Huawei makes available to customers and partners on the platform. We will work hard to make sure AI is no longer a technology only open to ones who have high qualification skills. Over the next three years, our aim is to work with one million AI developers to drive innovations in line with Huawei’s commitment to provide affordable, effective, and reliable AI, bringing intelligence across every enterprise and industry to build a fully connected, intelligent world.”

On October 10, 2018, Huawei officially released a full-stack all-scenario AI solution. ‘Full-stack’ means the solution provides powerful and cost-effective computing power, as well as low-barrier application development platforms that make AI data modeling, model training, and application development simpler, more agile, and more efficient. As an ‘all-scenario’ solution, it is able to drive pervasive intelligence across various device, edge, and cloud scenarios.

Ascend 310 is the industry’s most powerful AI SoC chip for edge computing scenarios. Currently, the most typical edge computing scenarios are security and protection, autonomous driving, and smart manufacturing. However, every edge computing scenario imposes severe constraints on space, energy consumption and computing power. Whether it’s on a fast-moving car or on a high-speed production line, a complex scientific study or a daily educational activity, Ascend 310 supports every industry with an cost-efficient and powerful computing energy. One Ascend 310 chip can achieve up to 16TOPS on-site calculations, supporting the simultaneous identification of 200 different objects including people, cars, obstacles and traffic signs; it can process thousands of pictures in one second. In October this year, Huawei and Audi demonstrated the chipset in L4 automatic driving. The vehicle was equipped with Huawei’s Mobile Data Center (MDC) vehicle-mounted computing unit and it was estimated that Huawei’s Ascend 310 chipset consumed only 200 watts of power in L4 automatic driving.

The other unique advantage of Ascend series is that it adopts Huawei’s innovative unified and extensible Da Vinci architecture, which achieves full coverage – from the ultimate low energy consumption scenario to high computing power scenario – something not yet seen in any other architecture on the market. The Da Vinci architecture is able to facilitate AI application deployment, migration, and collaboration in different scenarios at the same time, which vastly improves software development efficiency, and accelerates AI application in various industries.

Huawei advocates ‘AI for the benefit of all,’ and aims to work with customers, industry partners, and academic institutions to achieve win-win outcomes and enable omnipresent AI. Our vision and mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. More information about Huawei’s AI strategies and full-stack all-scenario AI solutions is available at

The WIC is a global annual event held by Cyberspace Administration of China and Zhejiang Provincial People’s government. It aims to create an international forum for connecting China and the rest of the world and a Chinese forum for the global sharing and governance of the Internet. The conference fosters exchanges to enable consensus, cooperation, and win-win outcomes. The fifth WIC is being held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province on November 7, 2018, and will run for three days.

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Augmenteum Delivers Thorassist, An Augmented Reality Experience For Pulmonary Anatomy Education And Training, At CHEST 2018

Augmenteum Delivers Thorassist, An Augmented Reality Experience For Pulmonary Anatomy Education And Training, At CHEST 2018

Augmenteum Inc., an augmented reality (AR) innovator, announced that Thorassist, a multi-user AR education and training experience delivered by Augmenteum, will be presented at the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) Annual Meeting 2018 in San Antonio TX, on Tuesday, October 9.  Carla R. Lamb, M.D. of the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington MA, will use Thorassist to demonstrate bronchoscopic anatomy and procedures for management of trachael diseases.  Approximately 90 users will participate in the session.  Videos highlights of the Thorassist demonstration will be available at after the presentation.

Thorassist has been developed by Augmenteum under the direction of Dr. Lamb as a group and individual learning tool for bronchoscopic anatomy and procedures.  Thorassist enables users to visualize the anatomy of the lungs using AR to display a 3D digital image created by VIDA Diagnostics Inc. from life-like thoracic anatomy reconstructed imagery.  It also enables users to visualize bronchoscopic procedures by displaying interior views that a physician would see during a procedure.

“Thorassist is an exciting new tool to help educate doctors in the complex field of interventional pulmonology,” said Carla Lamb, M.D., its creator.  “Knowledge of the anatomy and the experience of procedures is challenging for new specialists to understand and retain.  Thorassist provides an environment in which I can help students understand the anatomy and learn procedures using detailed models, at much lower cost than other technologies such as virtual reality.”

Overview of Thorassist

Thorassist is a shared, multi-user application with instructor-led and independent operating modes.  Participants use iPads to see and interact with digital 3D models of the lungs and airway tree.  In the instructor-led mode, the instructor controls the digital model and manipulates it for all users, like using physical models in a classroom environment.  For example, the instructor can rotate the lungs to highlight important anatomical features and all users will see the same view on their iPads.  In the independent mode, each user controls and manipulates the digital model independently.  Thorassist is built on Augmenteum’s Classroom template and distributed from Augmenteum’s Cloud services platform.

“Classroom begins to realize our vision of delivering AR experiences for everyone, everywhere,” said David Palacios, Augmenteum’s founder and CTO.  “It shows the tremendous potential of an AR experience shared by many simultaneous users.  We will create additional shared multi-user experiences that bring AR to many different applications, from the workplace to home.”

“Thorassist is an outstanding implementation of our Classroom experience,” said Andrew O’Brien, Augmenteum’s CEO. “It utilizes AR to visualize 3D models to improve end users’ understanding of very complex content and procedures.   It leverages Augmenteum’s ability to deliver shared AR experiences for many simultaneous users, as well as provide a “take-home” experience for individuals to use on their own.”

Overview of Classroom

Classroom is a new type of shared, multi-user AR experience.  It can be utilized in many applications that require demonstration of digital 3D content such as design reviews in architecture, engineering, product design and manufacturing; and presentations in sales, marketing, training and conferences.  It supports both local and remote users, enabling distributed sessions.  The Augmenteum Cloud content management system supports the popular 3D model file formats supported by content creation tools.  The mobile app can be a standalone app, or integrated into an existing app.  To discuss how your content can be integrated into a Classroom experience, contact Augmenteum via our web site

Demonstration details

Thorassist will be demonstrated on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at 5pm in session 10914:  Integrating Augmented Reality in Airway and Thoracic Anatomy Recognition with Role in Identifying Pulmonary Nodules.  The session is chaired by Dr. Lamb and subsessions will be led by Samira Shojaee, M.D. and A. Christine Argento, M.D.

About Augmenteum:

Augmenteum helps the world visualize digital 3D content by delivering persistent, shared, multi-user augmented reality (AR) experiences to everyone, everywhere.  It delivers AR experiences from its cloud-based mapping and content distribution platform to end user’s mobile devices, where they are displayed.  Augmenteum, a private company, was founded in 2016.

Andrew O’Brien, CEO

SOURCE Augmenteum
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Grab forges strategic cloud partnership with Microsoft to drive innovation and adoption of digital services across Southeast Asia

Grab forges strategic cloud partnership with Microsoft to drive innovation and adoption of digital services across Southeast Asia

Grab will adopt Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform
Microsoft will make a strategic investment in Grab
The five-year agreement will see both parties collaborate on a range of technology projects, including big data, artificial intelligence and mobility solutions

Microsoft Corp. and Grab, the leading on-demand transportation, mobile payments and online-to-offline services platform in Southeast Asia, announced on Monday a strategic partnership that will transform the delivery of digital services and mobility in the region by leveraging Microsoft’s world-class expertise in machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. As a first step in the broad collaboration between the two companies, Grab will adopt Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform and Microsoft will make a strategic investment in Grab.

“This partnership signals a deep collaboration with Microsoft on an array of technology projects, including big data and artificial intelligence, that will transform the delivery of everyday services and mobility solutions in Southeast Asia,” said Ming Maa, president of Grab. “As a global technology leader, Microsoft’s investment into Grab highlights our position as the leading homegrown technology player in the region. We look forward to collaborating with Microsoft in the pursuit of enhancing on-demand transportation and seamless online-to-offline experiences for users.”

“Our partnership with Grab opens up new opportunities to innovate in both a rapidly evolving industry and growth region,” said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president at Microsoft. “We’re excited to team up to transform the customer experience as well as enhance the delivery of digital services for the millions of users who rely on Grab for safe and affordable transport, food and package delivery, mobile payments, and financial services.”

As the top mobile online-to-offline platform in Southeast Asia, Grab operates in 235 cities across eight Southeast Asian countries, and Grab’s digital wallet, GrabPay, is the leading player in Southeast Asia.

Through this partnership, Grab will adopt Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform, tapping into Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and AI capabilities to scale Grab’s platform efficiently and increase its capacity and capabilities. Through this collaboration the companies will explore a number of innovative deep technology projects that will enhance and transform the Grab experience for Grab’s users, driver-partners, merchants and agents. These special innovation projects include:

Big data, AI and machine learning

  • To help improve passenger and driver safety and security, Grab will work with Microsoft to explore new authentication mechanisms such as mobile facial recognition with built-in AI for drivers and customers who opt in, as a replacement for checking IDs, that help match both driver and passenger identities to the reservation.
  • Grab will explore utilizing Microsoft Azure’s data analytics and fraud detection services to better predict and prevent fraudulent transactions on Grab’s platform.
  • The companies plan to leverage Microsoft’s natural language processing capabilities to provide customers with contextualized real-time translations and create an AI chatbot so Grab users can engage in interactive experiences.
  • Microsoft’s machine learning and AI capabilities will be used to power Grab’s advanced “recommendation engine” that analyzes user data and behavior to provide personalized services and content recommendations through the Grab application.
  • Grab also plans to work with Microsoft to explore image recognition and computer vision technologies that will improve the user and driver pickup experience. For example, passengers will be able to take a photo of their current location and have it translated into an actual address for the driver.
  • To improve map creation and quality, Grab plans to tap into the power of Microsoft’s machine learning capabilities.

Other areas of collaboration

  • Microsoft Outlook integration. Grab will provide on-demand transportation booking options to Outlook users so they can seamlessly book rides directly in the application and be alerted with calendar reminders.
  • Microsoft KaizalaGrab will pilot Microsoft’s Kaizala, a mobile app and service for large group communications and work management, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Grab’s Customer Service teams.
  • In-car solutions. The companies will collaborate on the deployment of in-car entertainment and productivity solutions across Southeast Asia.
  • Rewards integration. Microsoft will explore integrating Microsoft Rewards Gift Cards into the Grab Rewards loyalty program.

About Grab
Grab is one of the most frequently used O2O mobile platforms in Southeast Asia, providing the everyday services that matter most to consumers. Commute, eat, deliver shopping – and pay with one e-wallet. Grab believes that every Southeast Asian should benefit from the digital economy, and the company provides access to safe and affordable transport, food and package delivery, mobile payments and financial services. Grab currently offers services in SingaporeIndonesiathe PhilippinesMalaysiaThailandVietnamMyanmar and Cambodia. For more information, please visit

About Microsoft
Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

SOURCE Microsoft Corp.

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NovuMind Welcomes John Wei as VP of Design Technologies

NovuMind Welcomes John Wei as VP of Design Technologies

NovuMind Inc., a leading innovator in full-stack Artificial Intelligence technologies, announced today that Dr. John Wei has joined the company in the role of Vice President of Design Technologies. John will lead full-customization initiatives to ensure that NovuMind can deliver highly customized solutions based on its NovuTensor™ chip. NovuTensor is purpose-built for AI inferencing, with breakthrough performance-power ratios that make it ideal for deployment in embedded applications and edge servers.

According to Dr. Ren Wu, CEO and founder of NovuMind, “We are very pleased to welcome John to our team. We already have the most advanced AI inference chip, with a patented design that brings unsurpassed performance-to-power ratios. With John’s new initiatives, we plan to migrate this design to smaller-geometry semiconductor processes that will drive even more performance gains.”

“We are at the dawn of an era of massive AI deployment,” continued Dr. Wu. “Advances in deep learning and the semiconductor technology to deploy it will mean that we can put the powers of perception and thinking in all kinds of network-edge applications. We want to provide our NovuTensor engine in a variety of forms, optimized for different power-performance ranges, to meet the needs of all of our customers.”

Dr. Wei commented, “I am thrilled to be part of the NovuMind team and join this effort to enable deployment of AI everywhere, from the data center out to the edges of the network.”

John Wei has over 25 years of scientific, design, and management experience in the semiconductor industry. His experience includes Chief Scientist at Alchip, Director of Chip Design at Celestial Semiconductor (acquired by Cavium), Chief Technologist at Tensilica (acquired by Cadence), Sr. Manager of Physical Design at Marvell Semiconductor, and IC Design Manager at PMC-Sierra (acquired by Microsemi). He graduated with BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, an MSMSE from Stanford University, a PhD in EE from Dartmouth, and did post-doctoral work in the Dept. of EECS at MIT. He holds 4 US patents in IC design and has published numerous IEEE refereed papers.

About NovuMind

NovuMind helps companies put the power of AI into their products. The NovuTensor chip, along with a full stack of AI solutions support, enables OEMs to embed deep learning inference capability, even in applications where power or network access are limited. Led by AI industry pioneer Ren Wu, the NovuMind team has expertise in machine learning, chip design, and high-performance computing. The company’s headquarters and R&D are located in Santa Clara CA, with additional offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. For more information, please visit us at:

SOURCE NovuMind Inc.
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SOURCE URL : Announces Industry Leading Lineup for H2O AI World London 2018 Announces Industry Leading Lineup for H2O AI World London 2018, the open source leader in AI, today announced the latest additions to the speaker lineup for H2O AI World London, a two-day interactive event featuring deep-dive technical sessions, talks on real-world business use cases and hands-on training. With speakers from PwC, Barclays, NVIDIA, IBM, Citi and more, the conference will bring together data scientists, business analysts and executives across multiple industries to discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, important use cases and the biggest challenges currently facing the industry.

Join in London to connect with the community and learn how to harness the full value of AI, ML, deep learning and data science from industry-recognized speakers and hands-on training sessions. Register here to secure your spot.

On day one of the conference, sessions will focus on hands-on technical training for’s groundbreaking products, H2O Driverless AIH2O-3 and Sparkling Water, to empower data scientists and analysts of all levels to work on projects faster and more efficiently through automation and state-of-the-art computing power. These training sessions will provide new and existing users of products the information needed to make the most of their data science tools.

Day two of H2O AI World will feature keynote presentations from and several industry leaders highlighting the potential of AI to solve real problems. Sessions will uncover insights into the various challenges organizations encounter in leveraging AI’s potential, while training sessions will teach all types of attendees how to harness the full value of AI, ML, deep learning and data science industries from both business and technical perspectives.

The keynote lineup includes:

  • Sri Ambati, Founder and CEO, Ambati started with a clear mission in mind – make exceptional AI available to everyone. Known for his knack for envisioning killer apps in fast evolving spaces and assembling stellar teams towards productizing that vision, Ambati has built into one of the foremost leaders in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through open source H2O and the automatic machine learning platform Driverless AI, he drives high quality product development within the organization and uses that to fuel his passion for changing the world in a meaningful way through AI.
  • Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA: With over 30 years of experience in senior executive roles across the US, UK and India, Trivedi has led worldwide sales and business development for NVIDIA’s Datacenter and Professional Visualization products including TESLA HPC and Hyperscale Datacenter servers, DGX AI Supercomputers, QUADRO graphics workstations and CUDA, OpenACC, Deep Learning and GRID virtualization software since 2009.
  • Gary Rapsey, Global Assurance Chief Innovation Officer at PwC: Rapsey leads innovation of PwC’s Assurance services globally. Over the last five years, he has led the development and implementation of new audit technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence solutions.

Additional H2O AI World feature session presenters from customers and partners include:

  • Dr. James Tromans, Head of Data Science for FX Trading at Citi: Tromans will host a session entitled, “Building a well-oiled machine,” where he will discuss what it takes to build and manage a high performing team in the world of democratized machine learning, taking a close look how teams choose everything from technology and algorithms to process and engagement, and where those choices can take us.
  • David Kearns, Product Manager, Analytics Ecosystem, Data Science and Business Analytics at IBM: How do AI, machine learning and baseball come together? In his session, “Hit a home run making baseball decisions using artificial intelligence and machine learning,” Kearns will cover just that, illustrating how ML technologies and concepts are powering today’s decisions using real-life baseball data.
  • Levi Brackman, Principal Data Scientist at Travelport: As principal data scientist at a leading travel commerce platform, Brackman and his team are regularly challenged by the complex needs of data processing, performance and latency on a large scale. In his session, Brackman will highlight how Travelport leverages H2O and other big data technologies to solve these problems, sharing practical advice for other companies just starting their AI journey.
  • Avkash Chauhan, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Platforms & Businesses at Macnica America: For any manufacturer, it is important to know how the yield will be for the next manufacturing cycle, as well as the key components contributing to manufacturing production to ensure that they are optimized for maximum production at all times. Chauhan’s session, “Using DriverlessAI for yield production and top responsible features in manufacturing,” will cover how to apply machine learning to these critical manufacturing problems and demonstrate how Macnica America uses Driverless AI to process manufacturing data and optimize processes.
  • Tanya Berger-Wolf, Co-founder and Director at Wildbook: Berger-Wolf is the co-founder and director at Wildbook, a tech project for conservation non-profit Wild Me that combs through massive collections of images to detect various species of animals and individuals within that species. In this session, Berger-Wolf will talk about how Wildbook is using machine learning technology to empower scientific inquiry, conservation and citizen science, and the potential impact these efforts could have on several endangered species around the world.

H2O AI World London will also include a number of must attend panels:

  • Women and Inclusion in Data Science: Listen to views, opinions and insights on this important topic from women in data science.
  • Meet the Kaggle Grandmasters: One of the most anticipated sessions of H2O AI World is listening and learning from the experts in AI. Find out how they got their start, their tips and insights on the latest in AI.

H2O AI World London 2018

  • When: Monday, October 29 – Tuesday, October 30, 2018
  • Where: London Hilton on Park Lane – 22 Park Lane, London, W1K1BE
  • Cost: £349 for general admission, £99 for students
    • Until October 17 ONLY – 2 for 1 Special (£174.50/ticket)
  • Check out the schedule:
  • If you are a member of the press and would like to attend: Contact to receive a code for a complimentary pass.
  • Can’t make it? Follow the day-of livestream:

Connect with

About is the open source leader in AI. Its mission is to democratize AI for everyone. is transforming the use of AI with software with its category-creating visionary open source machine learning platform, H2O. More than 14,000 companies use open-source H2O in mission-critical use cases for Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Sales and Marketing. H2O Driverless AI uses AI to do AI in order to provide an easier, faster and effective means of implementing data science. In February 2018, Gartner named, as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. partners with leading technology companies such as NVIDIA, IBM, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform and is proud of its growing customer base which includes Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Comcast, Walgreens and PayPal. For more information and to learn more about how is driving an AI Transformation for businesses with intelligence, visit Media Contact:
Erika Kamholz

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China's GeekPark and LiePin Publish Geek Employers List to Match Best Innovators With Top Talent

China’s GeekPark and LiePin Publish Geek Employers List to Match Best Innovators With Top Talent

GeekPark, a leading technology and internet media for Chinese innovators, and LiePin, a high-end headhunting consultancy, have published the first Geek Employers List (“the List”) in Silicon Valley, identifying 50 potentially disruptive hi-tech companies that stand out as magnets for talent who are seeking to reshape the future with the power of technology. The List includes, among others, tech giants Anti Financial and Bytedance, video sharing unicorn, Kwai, and emerging start-ups such as Beike ( and Squirrel AI. A partial list of the companies on the List is provided below:

Ant Financial








Squirrel AI






Horizon Robotics

WeChat Mini

















“All great businesses succeed when there is a perfect match between employers and employees. Our Geek Employers List aims to address the thorniest issue in a rapidly-changing world, how can good tech companies find good talent, and vice versa,” Peng Zhang, the founder and president of GeekPark said. “The challenge is daunting, because on one hand, the criteria to evaluate an IT innovator is getting increasingly dynamic, and complicated, in a world where abundant opportunities have created immense growth potential for even little-known start-ups. On the other hand, innovative employees have mushroomed, with each individual actively looking for ways to maximize his or her value in the flux of change.”

Candidates for the List were screened using three criteria:

  • Almost all selected companies are rooted in, or span across five technology fields that have the most explosive growth prospects; they include AI and big data, enterprise applications, green and smart transportation, online education, and smart manufacturing.
  • Founders and management teams were evaluated in terms of their personalities and value orientation. For example, their trustworthiness was rated according to their professional track records, enthusiasm and charisma, as well as insightfulness and vision. In terms of value orientation, management teams were vetted on their level of professionalism, partnership models and diversity.
  • Companies were judged on their acceptance by capital markets – a key, but elusive element of attractiveness that is often neglected by job-seekers. But for a technology start-up, the attitude, and the level of commitment displayed by capital markets, especially by seasoned, influential investors, can serve as an accurate and real-time barometer of the company’s health and prospects.

Through the List, GeekPark and LiePin are giving job-seekers a guidebook to the kind of innovative companies that are worth joining and working for. Such companies must be adaptive to the changing environment, willing to think out of the box, say “Why Not?” and able to evolve over time.

The Geek Employers List is the bridge between the best companies and the best talent, whose seamless collaboration can sow the seeds for great and long-lasting businesses.

For more information, please visit:
Click the link to review the entire list of “Geek Employers @ China 2018″

About GeekPark:

Founded in 2010, GeekPark is one of China’s largest internet and technology innovation communities. The organization was founded to introduce the concept of “Geek Culture” to China. GeekPark is devoted to discovering, inspiring, and enlightening innovators through insightful media production, frequent community events, professional business strategy consulting and systematic start-up services including venture investment. Over the past 8 years, GeekPark has fostered the growth of some of China’s top-ranked technology companies and the innovators behind them, creating an entrepreneurs community of trend-setting Chinese leaders known as The Frontier. GeekPark’s annual events such as the GeekPark IF in January and GeekPark Rebuild in July have become stages to attract top innovators from around the world.



PingCAP Raises $50 Million in Series C Round, and Yunqi Partners Offers Supports in Three Consecutive Rounds

PingCAP Raises $50 Million in Series C Round, and Yunqi Partners Offers Supports in Three Consecutive Rounds

PingCAP, a leading distributed database company that created the popular cloud-native NewSQL database TiDB, announces a $50 million Series C funding round led by FOSUN and Morningside Venture Capital. All previous investors—China Growth Capital, Yunqi Partners, Matrix Partners China, and others—have also participated in this round. PingCAP plans to use this new capital to expand the TiDB ecosystem globally, build cross-cloud product offering, and invest in innovation of its core technology.

This is the third investment by Yunqi Partners after it led PingCAP’s A round financing in September 2016. PingCAP completed its $15 million B round of financing in June 2017, and Yunqi Partners continued to give its support to PingCAP.

Mr. Ng Yipin, Managing Partner of Yunqi Partners, remarked: “PingCAP has been working to solve the long-standing world-class difficult problem of relational database horizontal expansion in the database field, and has developed products that are highly competitive in core technologies in this field globally. Over the past year, PingCAP has also developed rapidly in product commercialization and globalization. Yunqi Partners is upbeat that PingCAP will become a world-class infrastructure software company and is also very happy to continue to support PingCAP’s C round financing.”

Yunqi Partners has long kept a close watch on the big data and cloud computing field. Besides PingCAP, Yunqi Partners has also invested in a number of companies, including new-generation GPU hardware accelerated database system company Zilliz, the enterprise real-time graph database platform TigerGraph, the intelligent cloud management platform CloudChef, and cloud computing- and AI-based data technology company CloudIn.

“Since day 1, we have made it our mission to build a database of the future–one that helps enterprises unleash the power of their data creatively, anywhere in the world,” says Co-founder and CEO Max Liu. “With this new funding round, we will be one step closer to fulfilling that mission.”

PingCAP’s flagship product, TiDB, is a hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database that powers both distributed transactions and real-time analytics. It features horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability with MySQL compatibility, serving as a one-stop database solution for both OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) workloads.

“A new breed of database vendors, sometimes referred to as NewSQL databases, are coming on the scene with offerings blending operational and analytical processes, which has emerged as an appealing use case for many enterprises,” says James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Data Platforms and Analyst at 451 Research. “PingCAP is among these NewSQL database vendors and is noted for its open source, modular-based database that enables hybrid operational and analytic processing to occur in a singular system.”

As one of the leading open source HTAP databases in the industry, TiDB has been adopted by more than 300 companies, from banking and e-commerce, to fintech, gaming, and travel. Its distributed transactional key-value storage component, TiKV, was recently accepted as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation project.

About Yunqi Partners

Yunqi Partners (Yunqi) was founded in 2014. Yunqi has billions of RMB under management. Yunqi’s team comes from diverse backgrounds including IDG Capital, GGV Capital, Google, Baidu, MSRA, and PWC etc. Yunqi pays close attention to any investment opportunities brought by new technologies, new model-related industrial upgrades, and consumer upgrades. Yunqi focuses on the investments on Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Big Data, Cloud Computing Services, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fintech. Yunqi is committed to investing in high-quality start-up companies at early and growth stages.

About PingCAP

PingCAP was founded in April 2015, and provides enterprise-level and cloud-based services and technology for TiDB, a cloud-native NewSQL database which the company began building since its inception. Its mission is to build a hybrid transactional and analytical processing database with global scalability, so companies can count on TiDB as its single unifying database solution, spend less time managing multiple databases, and more time delivering business value for their customers and users. PingCAP has a global customer base that includes Mobike, Bank of Beijing, Hulu, Lenovo, and For more information, visit:

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TwentyBN Raises $10 Million Series A to Build Digital Companions That Can See You

TwentyBN Raises $10 Million Series A to Build Digital Companions That Can See You

Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH (TwentyBN), a leading provider of real-time, interactive computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced a $10 million Series A funding round today, led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, with participation from Coparion, Creative Edge, and MFV Partners.

Founded in 2015, TwentyBN is building an AI system that interacts with humans while “looking” at them – enabling it to understand their behaviour, surroundings and the full context of the engagement. This AI allows people to interact with technology and each other in new and exciting ways that will impact every aspect of our lives, from our workplaces to our homes and to the interiors of our vehicles.

At the core of TwentyBN’s system is the company’s crowd-acting platform that allows humans to engage with and teach AI about everyday aspects of our lives and our physical world. Through crowd-acting, TwentyBN currently hosts the world’s largest industry dataset with over two million annotated video clips. When combining the data with the company’s deep neural networks, TwentyBN solutions provide human-like “awareness” of everyday scenes and situations – through nothing more than an RGB camera. Enterprise customers can license TwentyBN’s technology to enable camera-equipped devices to understand and interact with their users in a fluent and human-like way. Nature needed millions of years to evolve a detailed understanding of the world around us; the tech world can begin building that understanding into products today using TwentyBN’s AI.

“From day one, we’ve been committed to pushing decades of progress in AI and interactive computer vision into every corner of the world, be it the home, office, store or a robot’s brain,” said Roland Memisevic, CEO and chief scientist of TwentyBN. To date, the company has offerings in touchless sensing, scene understanding, and context-aware human computer interaction. With TwentyBN solutions, any camera-equipped device from smartphones to robots can understand their physical surroundings and decipher human behavior to increase safety, productivity, and comfort for people.

The Series A funding round enables TwentyBN to scale its business. “TwentyBN is advancing how deep learning based models recognize both the nouns and verbs describing a visual scene,” said Samir Kumar, Managing Director at M12. “New intelligent camera experiences become possible when these models derived from their crowd-acting datasets are deployed to run efficiently on IoT edge devices.”

Outside the commercial world, TwentyBN is a dedicated contributor to academic AI research, including partnerships with the MILA institute in Montreal. The company has also released two large-scale video datasets and baseline code to the public for academic purposes and licensed technology and data to research labs and corporations. More than 42 of the world’s top 100 universities and 2 of the top 50 companies on Forbes Global 2000 already use TwentyBN technology for research and commercial purposes.

About TwentyBN

TwentyBN is an artificial intelligence company with the mission of instilling common sense into computers through video understanding and of turning inanimate devices into human eyes that can understand the world around them, assist humans, and ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle. TwentyBN is based in Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada. For more information, please visit

Moritz Mueller-Freitag

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SparkCognition Hosts Global AI & Future Tech Conference, Time Machine 2018

SparkCognition Hosts Global AI & Future Tech Conference, Time Machine 2018

SparkCognition, a global artificial intelligence (AI) company, will host Time Machine on November 6th and 7th, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Time Machine brings together world-leading creative minds in technology, government, industry, and academia to debate the current and future opportunities for AI to impact society.

“We are living in the AI century—an era where innovative and powerful AI technologies will transform and shape every aspect of society. As leaders in artificial intelligence technology, we at SparkCognition realize the significance of discussing the global impact of AI. We feel it is our responsibility to facilitate those conversations,” said Amir Husain, Founder and CEO of SparkCognition.

Time Machine 2018 is a global event and open to the public. Google Cloud is the Diamond Sponsor for the conference.

“At Time Machine, we explore the technology creating the future, address the existential questions surrounding these problems, and explore the potential of those technologies,” said John King, VP of Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition and Producer of Time Machine. “Last year, Time Machine delivered forward-thinking conversations on AI, and we look forward to elevating the conference even more.”

Time Machine 2018 will feature experts in technology, industry, and research, including:

  • Amir Husain, Founder and CEO, SparkCognition; author of “The Sentient Machine: The Coming Age of Artificial Intelligence”
  • Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.), Former Director, National Security Agency; Former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency; Managing Director, Limestone Capital Advisors
  • Dr. Heather Berlin, Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • João Beira, Founder and Creative Director, Datagrama
  • Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, South by Southwest
  • Tim Mueller-Sim, Co-Founder and CEO, Bloomfield Robotics
  • Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux, Co-Founder, Global Space Ventures
  • General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) Executive Board Member, SparkCognition
  • Elsa Kania, Adjunct Fellow, Technology and National Security Program, Center for a New American Security
  • Dr. Tasneem Zehra Husain, Theoretical Physicist (String Theorist) and author of “Only the Longest Threads”
  • Anna Chaney, Data Scientist, IBM Watson Applied Research, IBM
  • David Ignatius, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The Washington Post
  • Col. Jennifer Sovada, Special Asst. to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, United States Air Force
  • Richard Garriott de Cayeux, Co-Founder and CEO, Portalarium
  • Kaveh Waddell, Artificial Intelligence Reporter, Axios
  • Darryl Willis, VP of Oil, Gas, and Energy, Google Cloud
  • August Cole, Creative Foresight, SparkCognition; author of “Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War”
  • Charlie Burgoyne, Founder and CEO, Valkyrie Intelligence
  • Tom Jackson, Co-Founder and CEO, Locus Insights
  • Ali Raza, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Apergy
  • Andy Rector, VP, Aviation Digital Services, GE Aviation
  • Aric Zurek, Director, Aftermarket Products and Services, Flowserve Corporation
  • Paul Browning, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America (MHPSA)
  • Kimberly Ryan, Senior Human Systems Engineer, Draper
  • Vishal Lall, Chief Strategy Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Additional speakers will be joining the Time Machine 2018 lineup and will be announced in the coming weeks.

In December 2017, SparkCognition hosted its inaugural Time Machine event, hosting AI and industry luminaries including Dr. Greg Hyslop, CTO of Boeing; Moiz Kohari, SVP and Chief Technology Architect of State Street Corporation; Sivasankaran Somasundara, President and CEO of Apergy; Ben Wilson, Senior Technical Director at Google Cloud; Steve Nordlund, Vice President of Boeing HorizonX and Boeing NeXt; Dr. Peter StoneDavid Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at AustinEric van Gemeren, Chief Transformation Officer at Flowserve Corporation; Richard Foster, Chair of the Presidents’ Circle at the National Academy of Sciences; among many others.

To learn more about Time Machine 2018, visit

About SparkCognition:

With award-winning machine learning technology, a multinational footprint, and expert teams focused on defense, IIoT, and finance, SparkCognition builds artificial intelligence systems to advance the most important interests of society. Our customers are trusted with protecting and advancing lives, infrastructure, and financial systems across the globe. They turn to SparkCognition to help them analyze complex data, empower decision making, and transform human and industrial productivity. With our leading edge artificial intelligence platforms, our clients can adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies. Learn more about SparkCognition’s AI applications and why we’ve been featured in CNBC’s 2017 Disruptor 50, and recognized two years in a row on CB Insights AI 100, by visiting

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